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After a rough start this Spring we have purchased five new colonies of bees.

We are currently sold out of honey, but hope to have a limited amount by Fall.

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About the Apiary About the Beekeeper
Lazy Drone is located on Farnham Road
in Windsor, NY. The first hives were installed at Lazy Drone in the Spring of 2009. We now have many more hives with bees busily producing honey for our customers. Our apiary (bee yard) is small enough so that we can keep a close eye on our bees, and large enough to make plenty of surplus honey to supply to our friends and neighbors.

How can you help the honey bee?
Plant a bee friendly garden and stop using pesticides that are toxic to bees.
When planning your garden look for a wide variety of plants that will have something in flower all summer.
Good nectar and pollen producers are especially important to the honey bee.

We are members of the Southern Tier Beekeepers Association. Visit their Facebook page. If you are interested in beekeeping locally, membership in a local club is a great place to get started.

We are also members of the Empire State Honey Producers Association.


Bee collecting nectar


Paul, the 4th generation of his family to reside on this property, first became interested in honey bees in the 1970's after reading the Foxfire books. In recent years, after reading that the honey bee is in trouble because of environmental toxins, stressors, pesticides, disease, and parasites, he decided it was time to help out the honey bee.

Honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. One theory, attributed to Einstein, says that if the bees go extinct, humans will follow within a few years.

This is one reason Lazy Drone Apiary does not condone any industrial activity that disrupts their habitat. Bees are dependent on clean air and water to survive. We believe that the damage to the environment from industrializing rural NY will cause further damage to the honey bee population

Learn more about bees in trouble:
Haagen-Dazs Helps the Honey Bee

National Geograpic Bee Page

German bee expert Professor Joergen Tautz from Wurzburg University in an article on the Telegragh site said:

  • bees are essential for pollination of over 130,000 plants.
  • in human nutrition terms, bees are more important than poultry.
  • bees are excellent indicators of the state of the environment. We should take note of their plight because it is also ours.


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