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Did You Know?
Bees in the Hive
  • Honey Bees can fly up to 6-9 mph
  • Honey Bees usually stay within a two mile radius of their hive but can travel up to 8 miles.
  • 150 pounds of honey, in mileage equals 13 round-trips to the moon.
  • Honey Bees can carry up to 85% of their body weight.

Bees Dance

A foraging worker bee returning to the hive gives waiting workers directions to food and water sources. They do several "dances" identified as: waggle, wagtail or figure eights to communicate directions. Thanks to the work of Dr. Karl von Frisch the dances have been decoded so a careful human observer can understand what the bee is "saying".

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The queen is the most important bee to the hive. She is the only one to produce honey producing offspring. Survival of the queen is crucial to survival of the hive.

Bees on hive frame

Workers have one of several job titles in the hive. About 6-10 workers are the queen's attendants; they feed, groom and clean her. Some workers are nurses, feeding and caring for larvae. Workers also clean cells and the hive, build comb, guard the entrance and patrol for intruders, using their wings they can heat or cool the hive, they accept nector from foragers and pack it into cells.

Drones are the male honey bees. Drones don't do any work around the hive and spend their time begging or stealing food (hence the name Lazy Drone Apiary!). Drones don't even have stingers, their sole purpose in life is to breed a queen.

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