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Swarms are the means by which honeybee hives reproduce. A queen will leave the hive with hundreds of worker bees to form a new colony. These bees will find a spot to wait while scouts fly out and look for a good place to call home.
Swarm on a tree branch.
Honey Bees can make hives in some inconvenient places for the humans that share the residence.
Please don't exterminate the bees!
If you would like to discuss a bee removal call us, any local beekeeper, or a beekeeping club. Someone will surely be available to help you with removal.
Swarm Removal
Swarm removal
Bee Removal

Call 607-467-3076 or email The Drone

If you are with a 20 mile radius of Windsor, NY.

As you can see some damage is done to the building when extracting bees. We do not make these repairs.

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